Working for an unassuming company

Posted on Nov 6, 2017

Today, I came across Vo Thanh Minh Tue’s wise observations in his article Why working for an unassuming company can be a great experience:


I can only speak from my own experience, and personally I have been very lucky to be at Google, Microsoft, Box. Inc and currently MindMeld (formerly Expect Labs) [1]. While each company is very different in terms of size, products, culture and organization, I have great respect for my current and former coworkers; they are often smart, funny, dedicated and professional.

I think an unassuming company can be great because it can:

  1. Focus on the job, not the Jobsian: The troubles usually start when there is too much media attention on the leaders and people start fighting for the cofounder status. These corporate dramas can demoralize the team and detract from the actual hard work.

  2. Foster humility: it is hard to access reality when the ego is strong.

  3. Keep ourselves grounded in the common vision: a charismatic founder or leader can bring all attention to themselves and subtract away substantive attention from the company goal and vision.