DHH's "reconsider"

Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Reconsider was written by David Heinemeier Hansson (or DHH in short). It was supposed to be his cancelled talk at WebSummit 2015.

The article was introduced to me from his tweet yesterday. I certainly learned a few things from DHH’s point of view, and found it extremely worth sharing.

Here are some snapshots from the article:

I wanted to put down roots. Long term bonds with coworkers and customers and the product. … The most satisfying working relationships I’ve enjoyed in my close to two decades work in the internet business have been those that lasted the longest.

I keep seeing obituaries of this kind of longevity: The modern work place owes you nothing! All relationships are just fleeting and temporary. There’s prestige in jumping around as much as possible. And I think, really? I don’t recognize that, I don’t accept that, there’s no natural law making this inevitable.

I wanted a life beyond work. Hobbies, family, and intellectual stimulation and pursuits beyond Hacker News, what the next-next-next JavaScript framework looks like, and how we can optimize our signup funnel.

I wanted to embrace the constraints of a roughly 40-hour work week and feel good about it once it was over. Not constantly thinking I owed someone more of my precious twenties and thirties. I only get those decades once, shit if I’m going to sell them to someone for a bigger buck a later day.

Our definition of winning didn’t even include establishing that hallowed sanctity of the natural monopoly! We didn’t win by eradicating the competition. By sabotaging their rides, poaching their employees, or spending the most money in the shortest amount of time… We prospered in an AND world, not an OR world. We could succeed AND others could succeed.

In case you are unfamiliar with DHH, quoting from his his current Twitter bio, he is the “creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), NYT Best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and Le Mans class-winning racing driver”.