Knowledge and superiority

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

Since a teenager, I have never been a fan of formal education. Like books or music, our appreciation for knowledge changes over time. I believe knowledge should not be induced on people when they are not ready for it. We are wired differently. School is certainly not for everybody.

Junior College was the last time I truely engaged in school. Even then, most of my time was resorted to music and football. I was usually found asleep during Chemistry, Maths and Physics lectures. I wrote a song about how much I hated Chem, drew a huge “Chem Sux” on the farewell t-shirt our class gifted to our Chemistry tutor. She loved them.

That seems like a waste of a full scholarship to arguably the best Institution in Singapore. Still, I’m proud to come from there.

I left Junior College, taking with me a deep passion for music and great memories with my football mates. I was a bad student. It was ok. I was not ready for Chemistry, or Maths, or Physics.

I love Maths and Physics now. Chemistry has to wait still. Sorry, Ms. Toh.

Knowledge is temporal and variable.

When we get good at something, it is easy to assume superiority over others who are not as good, or as knowledgable at the same topic. What we usually forget, is that we don’t know and are not good at most other things, where others are likely to be more fluent in.

It is then useful to disregard what we already knew and appreciate others for things they are good at.

Also, superiority is not a worthy reward from knowledge.