The "10 miles" trap

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

I’ve been told a lot recently: “1 inch wide, 10 miles deep”.

How are “wide” and “deep” defined?

  • 1 inch Programming Languages, 10 miles PHP
  • 1 inch Software Development, 10 miles Web.
  • 1 inch Fiction, 10 miles Sci-fi.
  • 1 inch Book, 10 miles Fiction.

They all make perfect sense. Which one makes perfect sense to you?

Don’t forget the “1 inch wide”.

1 inch wide exists because you made the effort to look around before committing 10 miles deep. Without 1 inch wide, 10 miles deep seems more likely to be a trap hold.

Everyone starts blindfolded. 1 inch wide opens up your vision.

10 miles trap hole or 10 miles of impact - it’s 1 inch wide that makes all the difference.