Offline on the road with Here maps

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

In light of WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville, I took an early trip to Cadiz for 4 days before heading back to Seville.

4G is crazy expensive in Spain if you want a prepaid solution, so I decided not to get one. I am also dumb at remembering directions, so to be on the road without being able to search for my next location on the phone seems to be a huge undertaking .

Well, not really. You can pre-download the area’s map to your phone with Here maps, change location settings to solely rely on GPS if you are on Android (I’m sure it’s kind of similar for Windows or IOS) and be able to track your real-time location on the map without internet connection. But that’s not where the awesomeness ends…

Here won me over at its “Collections” feature. I did my research about Seville and Cadiz, created 2 collections and named them “Cadiz” and “Seville” each containing addresses of places I want to go to (mostly restaurants - I’m going hard on food this time), download the Andalusia region’s map to my phone - this is the only time an internet connection is required (the?). After that, I can go full offline, have access plus being able to search for directions to all of my favourite locations on the map .


  • You’ll need to register for a Here account to download maps and create collections.
  • There goes your privacy, which hardly exists nowadays anyways.
  • You can login to your account on the Here web app from your computer, create collections and have them synced with your phone - very useful when you are doing research on the computer.