Posted on Jun 7, 2015


There have been many changes in my life in the past 3 months.

I switched to Colemak.

I discovered the beauty of Emacs and have been using it for everything: coding, irc, emails, todo list. I am writing this blog post in Emacs.

I moved to a new apartment, about 70km away from work.

I enjoy the total 2 hour train ride back and fourth from home and the office every day. It makes me feel like I am always on vacation.

But the most important change I made is to live minimally. I gave away all of my furniture in the previous apartment and threw away the rest that no one wanted.

Currently, I have no furniture. My mattress is a thin blanked on the floor and my blanked is a sleeping bag. Everything I have can fit nicely into a suitcase and a camping bag-pack. I was happy that the 27” monitor and speakers do not take that much space in the suitcase so I could take them with me. That also means I am too attached to them. Maybe I should get rid of them in the next move.

Now, I am ready to be on the move anytime. I am not attached to this place. That is my peace of mind. I feel free.

So the next time you ask someone who has just moved to a new place, instead of “What have you got for your new place?”, you can ask “What have you got rid of today?”

If you appreciate change or desperately wanting to make a change, maybe the first place to look at is what you are attached to emotionally and physically. Most of the time, the answer comes down to a group of people you have been spending the most time with.