What I'm up to now

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At the time of writing this update, I’ve been a Porvoo citizen for almost 6 months, during which I spent many hours on the Humla and Holken running trails. Both are accessible by foot or bicycles. If you take the Holken trail, you will most likely go pass my favourite bench. Then bench is especially beautiful on a wet day. I also enjoy late night walks along the Porvoo River and across the Old Town.

Most of my weekdays draft by at the Futurice office in Helsinki. I deeply love the office and my work, but taking the early bus home and getting to know people from Porvoo is something I haven’t been doing enough.

Work aside, this summer was a surge of adrenaline. I ran 3 marathons, picked up the guitar again after a long time, and once more found my song writing not so cheesy.

For now, I decide to not hustle for anything besides work and embrace life as it is.

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